Back Pain

Back Pain Treatment

Back pain can strike anyone at any time. You might suffer a back injury while working, playing sports, or just picking up something off the floor. Whenever you feel excessive back pain, you should obtain a medical diagnosis and treatment, and then get follow-up treatment at Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic in Bradenton.


We Treat Many Painful Back Conditions

Our Bradenton chiropractor is highly experienced in treating many commonly occurring conditions that cause back pain. You might have suffered a repetitive motion injury, endured a hard blow to the back, or have another condition that causes back pain that we can treat. The many painful back conditions that we treat include:

• Arthritis

• Scoliosis

• Back strains and sprains

• Slipped or herniated discs

• Whiplash

No matter how a back injury or condition might occur, whenever it causes pain, we help make you feel better and stronger. Our highly experienced and skilled chiropractor and support staff can determine the best way to treat your condition.

Commonly Applied Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Back pain has many potential sources that might require different types of treatment. Our Bradenton chiropractor can review your medical diagnosis and provide you with comprehensive chiropractic care that relieves back pain naturally while enhancing the natural healing process.

Our non-invasive chiropractic treatments and therapies help to lessen the inflammation and swelling that cause pressure and pain. We enable natural healing that helps you overcome your condition and resume your normal daily routine without pain as soon as possible.

Chiropractic Treatments

• Spinal adjustment

• Spinal decompression

• Massage therapy

• Electrostimulation

A spinal adjustment and spinal decompression take pressure off affected spinal discs. Less pressure reduces inflammation and the often extreme pain that such ailments cause. Massage therapy also helps to loosen sore muscles and injured soft tissue so that you feel less pain. You can feel more range of motion while enjoying naturally reduced back pain.

Electrostimulation also helps to encourage the natural healing of sore backs and other conditions. Our chiropractic staff can direct a low-level stream of electricity to your afflicted back, which floods it with red blood cells. Those blood cells carry oxygen and iron with them while flushing toxins out of your afflicted area. Many other healing techniques can deliver effective treatment for your back pain. Pairing your treatments with physical therapy can help you heal faster.

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Call Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic in Bradenton at (941) 739-2900 to schedule your initial appointment for chiropractic care. We accept health insurance plans and can schedule effective chiropractic treatments that help to naturally alleviate your back pain.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Dr. Nichols has brought my condition back where I can live and work without pain, no other Chiropractor could help me get to this point. He goes straight to the problem areas and corrects them."
    C. Longsdorf