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Back Pain Treatment in Bradenton

At Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, we provide patients suffering from back pain of all types both healing and relief. Whether you experience back pain due to an injury such as a sprain, strain, or herniated disc, an illness such as spinal stenosis, or a spinal condition such as scoliosis, we can help you find relief with a unique wellness plan tailored to your individual needs. Our patients seeking back pain treatment in Bradenton enjoy natural, non-invasive relief from the debilitating symptoms of upper, middle, and lower back pain.

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Back Pain Treatments and Therapies Offered by Our Bradenton Chiropractor

Our Bradenton chiropractor, Dr. John Nichols offers patients a comprehensive list of holistic chiropractic treatments and therapies which can be applied individually or used in tandem with other natural therapies to accelerate healing, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain while targeting each individual's specific conditions and symptoms at the source. 

Spinal Manipulation - Correcting spinal subluxations removes blockages along the spinal column such as pinched nerves or compressed veins. A properly aligned spine allows the nervous and circulatory systems to function properly, freeing communication and accelerating healing.

Spinal Decompression Therapy - Using a traction table, spinal decompression targets specific points along the spine which might be compressed due to a slipped, herniated, or bulged disc. Decompression gently stretches the spine, creating small vacuums between the targeted the discs which pull nutrient-rich fluid toward the injury while also moving the disc into place. 

Massage Therapy - A natural complement to chiropractic care, massage therapy relieves painful muscle tension throughout the body, but specifically within targeted muscle groups during treatment. Massage therapy not only relieves pain but also breaks up painful scar tissue while encouraging circulation and boosting the function of the lymphatic system.

Physical Therapy - During physical therapy, our chiropractor works with patients to increase strength and flexibility using specialized exercises, active stretches, and passive stretches to encourage proper healing and reduce the risk of future injury. 

Cryotherapy - Using cold compresses, cryotherapy cools a targeted muscle group which has been sprained, strained, or is causing pain with spasms. The cold constricts blood vessels, limiting circulation and reducing painful inflammation. 

Ultrasound - Ultrasound delivers heat deep into muscle tissue to promote circulation when lack of blood flow prevents healing or causes pain with muscle tension. 

Inferential Electrical Muscle Stimulation - Electrical stimulation targets your soft tissues at a cellular level, stimulating the release of endorphins which encourage healing. 

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If you suffer from the debilitating effects of chronic or acute back pain, we encourage you to seek natural, non-invasive relief. Address your back pain at its source rather than masking it with harmful medications. With back pain treatment in Bradenton, you will experience immediate relief and enjoy an overall improved physical state with multiple treatments over time.

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  • "Dr. Nichols has brought my condition back where I can live and work without pain, no other Chiropractor could help me get to this point. He goes straight to the problem areas and corrects them."
    C. Longsdorf