Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractic care is extremely beneficial for young children. Children of any age can benefit from pediatric chiropractic care. Children as young as a few days old can be adjusted and brought back into balance. Chiropractic adjustment and treatment options are available that can be used to strengthen and support proper growth and development. Your chiropractor has the answer to many questions that you may have.


Newborns Through Adolescents

Newborns from one or two days old can benefit from chiropractic adjustments, restoring the balance that may have been disrupted through the birthing process. As children grow, regular adjustments can be performed to help maintain good health and reduce the risk of injury. A child's physical structure is slightly different than that of an adult. A chiropractor who offers pediatric chiropractic care takes this into account and provides accurate adjustments for a child's stage of development. As adolescents continue to grow and develop, our chiropractor will update their regular treatment plans accordingly.

Proper Growth and Development

Your child's body is constantly changing. Pediatric chiropractic care encourages proper growth and development. Children grow quickly, which can result in "growing pains." Regular adjustments ensure that the body remains in balance and encourages the body to develop as it should. Children who are active will be at less risk for injury. Frequent adjustments will strengthen and tone the musculoskeletal structure and encourage healing if an injury or illness occurs.

Maintains Good Health

Regular chiropractic adjustments help to maintain good health and well-being. When the body is in balance, children tend to sleep better. They also tend to be more resilient to illness and disease. As they grow and become stronger, they are also less likely to be injured. Chiropractic care for children encourages good health and emotional well-being. From birth to adolescence, chiropractic care promotes and maintains good health and encourages healing on all levels.

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Have questions about pediatric chiropractic care? Call the staff of Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic today! We have the answers you are looking for and will make sure you understand all of the benefits chiropractic care offers to children of all ages. Stop by our office or call and speak to a member of our staff. Schedule an appointment and visit with our Bradenton chiropractor. You will be amazed at how good your child feels after a visit!



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