Numbness and Tingling

Treatment for Numbness and Tingling at Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic

It can be very disconcerting to feel as if a part of your body has developed a mind of its own, or that it belongs to someone else entirely. Tingling and numbness in an arm, leg, hand, or foot can make you wonder whether you need drugs or surgery to correct your condition. Our Bradenton chiropractor, at Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, can relieve nerve compression and other causes of nerve dysfunction to help you feel like yourself again, without any need for chemicals or invasive measures.


Causes of Numbness and Tingling

Your nerves perform the critical task of relaying both motor commands and sensory signals throughout the body. The sensory signals not only give you a sense of the world around you, but they also provide you with helpful pain sensations if a part of your body requires assistance. However, your nervous system can malfunction, and when it does, the signals you experience are abnormal ones. Pain, numbness, and tingling may then become an annoying part of your daily life until you address the underlying cause of the problem.

Why Does Numbness and Tingling Occur?

Sometimes they may be associated with a sudden neurological crisis, such as a stroke. More commonly, they occur because the nerve has been pinched, poisoned, or deprived of oxygen. The result is a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Nerve compression can be created by a number of problems. A herniated or bulging disc, for example, can pinch a major nerve at its spinal nerve roots. Pinched nerves often lead to tingling, numbness, and pain in an arm or leg. More local compression may occur at the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome) or ankle (tarsal tunnel syndrome).

Our Bradenton Chiropractor Can Help Your Nerves Function More Normally

Bring that odd tingling or numb sensation to our Bradenton chiropractor at Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic. We can evaluate the location/pattern of your symptoms to figure out which nerve is involved. Chiropractic spinal or extremity adjustments can then shift joint components to take the pressure off of nerve tissue.

Spinal decompression is another helpful technique for relieving numbness and tingling. This non-surgical method applies flexion distraction force to the spine, creating a vacuum pressure that moves bulging or herniated discs away from the major nerve roots.

Get Help at Our Chiropractic Clinic

Tingling and numbness are unsettling symptoms, but you don't have to let them dominate your life. Call our Bradenton chiropractic clinic at (941) 739-2900 to set up an appointment so we can help your nerves regain their normal function!


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  • "Dr. Nichols has brought my condition back where I can live and work without pain, no other Chiropractor could help me get to this point. He goes straight to the problem areas and corrects them."
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