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Work Place Ergonomics

We spend the majority of our time in our office at work.  If offices are not set up for ideal ergonomic conditions, many people can suffer from neck, back, and eye strain.  Below, the experts at Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic have put together some quick pointers to help you improve your workplace ergonomics for a comfortable work environment.  


Most people sit in their chair for the majority of the day at work.  It is important to have a chair that is comfortable and good for your overall spine health.  Make sure that your chair is fully adjustable.  This means the chair can move up and down, tilt forward and back, and has adjustable arm rests.  You should be able to comfortably sit in your chair with your feet flat on the floor.  Your arms should rest on the arm rests at a right angle without having your wrists turned up or down when they rest on the desk.  


Your computer should be at a comfortable height on your desk.  Sitting in your chair, you should be able to keep your head straight and view the computer facing forward without having to tilt your head up or down to view the screen.  The computer screen should also be a comfortable distance from your eyes.  Typically, this is about 15 inches away.  Having a computer at the right height will reduce neck strain, and a computer that sits at the right distance away from the chair will help reduce eye strain.


Often overlooked, lighting is very important for proper work place ergonomics.  Your office should be well lit which will help reduce eye strain.  In areas where the overhead lights are dim, task lighting can be used to help brighten the immediate area you are working.  Make sure lighting is asymmetrical to help reduce shadows and glare. 

While we try our best to provide the best workplace ergonomics, ideal conditions are not always possible.  Having less than idea office conditions can lead to neck and back strain.  Luckily, a chiropractor is able to help.  At Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic we regularly prescribe treatment to help alleviate pain associated with poor workplace ergonomics.  Our office is conveniently located at 8608 State Road 70 E., Bradenton, FL 34202.  Call us today at (941) 739-2900 to schedule an appointment.


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