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Chiropractic Care For Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Treatment with our Lakewood Ranch Chiropractor

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Having lower back pain is very common, but what does it mean when you have it often? If your back pain is chronic or if it stops you from enjoying your usual activities, it means that there is a problem with the way your spinal joint is aligned. At Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, we offer manual adjustments and other forms of treatment to relieve discomfort and lower your risk of continuing to have back pain. 

Causes of Back Pain

You can have lower back pain for many reasons. If you injure your back during an athletic activity, at work or in a car accident, you can end up with soft tissue tears or spinal disc damage. You can also have pain in your lower back from spinal disc problems that develop over many years due to excessive wear and tear. Underlying medical problems, such as osteoarthritis, can also cause joint inflammation in your lower back. Some common types of problems that can lead to chronic back pain include herniated or bulging discs, muscle strain or muscle tears, sciatica, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease.

Symptoms of Pain in Your Lower Back

Pain that occurs in your lower back can range from dull or mild pain to severe discomfort. You might have pain that flares up suddenly with certain movements and activities, or you might have lower back pain that is a dull ache that does not respond to treatment. Pain in your lower back can affect both sides or just one side, such as if you have sciatica.

Back Pain Treatment in Lakewood Ranch

When you come to Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic for back pain treatment, our chiropractor will start with a full evaluation. This evaluation helps our chiropractor determine the underlying cause of your pain and the extent of it. This information allows us to create a treatment plan for you to follow. Your treatment plan might include manual adjustments to your lower spine in order to correct misalignments. Realigning your spine helps promote healing for herniated discs and other spinal problems while also lowering your risk of having recurring back pain. Our chiropractor might recommend other forms of care as well, such as massage therapy, lifestyle changes and corrective exercises. These treatments can enhance the effects of chiropractic care and prevent you from experiencing lower back pain again. 

Contact Our Lakewood Ranch Chiropractor 

If you have pain in your lower back that is chronic or severe enough to affect your daily life, please contact our Lakewood Ranch chiropractor to set up an appointment. We offer effective, nonsurgical treatment for back pain, which allows you to do your regular activities with no discomfort.


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