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Why Visit a Chiropractor after a Car Accident

Why Visit a Chiropractor after a Car Accident in Bradenton

When you’re in a car accident, you can sustain injuries that end up causing chronic pain if you don’t have them treated promptly. In some cases, these injuries don’t heal properly but in other cases, minor injuries that aren’t treated can turn into major ones that can cause ongoing pain. Our Bradenton chiropractor can ensure that your injuries get the treatment they need for proper healing.

young man has a car accident injury in Bradenton, FL

Types of Auto Accident Injuries

Being in a car accident puts you at risk of having serious injuries. Some of the more common types of auto accident injuries that occur include whiplash, spinal injuries, and trapped nerves. When you have one of these injuries, you might experience mild to severe pain that occurs on and off or discomfort that doesn’t go away. These injuries cause pain and other symptoms due to damage to the soft tissue structures in your neck and spine or from pressure on nerves in these areas. Without proper treatment, these injuries can become more serious problems that affect your everyday life. 

Chiropractic Pain Management in Bradenton

When you come to Lakewood Ranch Chiropractic, our chiropractor can provide you with pain management through spinal adjustments and other techniques. These adjustments ensure that your spine is in proper alignment, which helps make it easier for damaged discs, muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue to heal.

It also relieves pressure on your nerves, which alleviates pain in the injured area. Whether you have whiplash, nerve problems or spinal disc damage, seeing our chiropractor for prompt treatment after your injury gives you a better chance at fully healing and lowers your risk of experiencing persistent pain and stiffness that limits your flexibility. This can help improve your quality of life after your accident. 

Contact Us for Car Accident Injury Treatment in Bradenton

If you need car accident injury treatment, contact us for chiropractic care in Bradenton. Our chiropractor can evaluate your injury and perform spinal adjustments to help you heal.

Have you had any car accident injuries that still cause you pain?


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